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Whovian Reactions To Eleven Slapping Clara’s Bum



Gallifrey Base, probably the most active Doctor who discussion site, has picked up on the clip from The Time of the Doctor, in which Eleven smacks Clara on the bum. 

The responses here are all recent, and quite troubling. 

Genuinely, here are some choice quotes from the ‘discussion’: 

  • It’s time we all face facts. The Doctor loves to spank all of his female companions. He’s an alien. He doesn’t care about human things like feminism.
  • BWAAAAA!!! How dare they have the Doctor even acknowledge that a lady has a bottom to keep her legs on; let alone touch one!!!!
  • This type of situation really bugs me. Did any one ever complain when Amy was forcing herself on The Doctor despite him clearly being uncomfortable with her advances? Does any one complain when a woman in the show starts gawking at him and being all flirty? No. There’s more to that scene with the arse slap that we’ve yet to to see, The Doctor will probably end up being the butt of the joke in the end… *snorts* (pun intended)
  • As for the slap on the bum, it’s a joke and that’s all it is. She says he’s her boyfriends and he tries to prove it by giving her a tap on the backside. That’s it, he’s not restricting her rights, telling her to make a sandwich or insisting on her covering up.
  • What’s wrong with being sexy?
  • People are too easily offended anymore. Since we can reasonably assume Clara and the Doctor are not really a romantic couple, referring to him as her boyfriend must be a cover or disguise of some nature. Thinking it would blow their cover if he didn’t act suitably like a boyfriend, he bops her on the behind. It’s not like he threw her against the wall and said, "Bitch, make my dinner."
  • I think the intent of this scene is clearly that the Doctor has crap social skills, rather than there being any real sexual element. I don’t see how it has even sparked this much controversy.
  • This is so incredibly innocent. It’s a just a simple little play on the Doctor’s sometime tone-deafness to human cultural mores. Bloody hell, you have to be trying hard to make a fuss over it.
  • May I just say, perhaps we should all actually wait and see the scene in context before jumping on Moffat and labeling him a sexist again? It looks to me that Clara and the Doctor are ‘pretending’ to be boyfriend/girlfriend, and the pat on the bum is just the 11th Doctor trying to act human, and typically getting it wrong/overdoing it as usual. In the same way The Doctor kissed Jenny (And then got slapped in a different way…) in The Crimson Horror.
  • I just cannot see where these sexist accusations are coming from. I mean, I think it’s just a playful little slap. Nothing serious.
  • The Doctor gave Clara a little spank with his cloth in the journey to the Centre of the TARDIS we can obviously deduct what 11’s preferences are on a lady :P
  • It’s interesting that people are getting their, ahem, knickers in a twist over a harmless little smacked bottom, but yet very little hype was ever made about Amy effectively pining the Doctor up against his TARDIS and attempting to take advantage of him, despite him clearly trying to stop her. Interesting.
  • So this Doctor has a habit of making ‘crass’ and ‘sexual’ jokes. So what? Who is it harming? If you don’t like it, then suck it up and face the fact that others find it funny and harmless instead of insisting that we’re less gentlemanly and less mature.

This is the bullshit that clip has already spawned. It shouldn’t have happened. It shouldn’t have been allowed to happen because people like this are now arguing that it’s okay to treat women in that way or otherwise excusing sexual assault. 

And to think there are people who say we don’t need feminsim anymore…

Seriously people. You can only cover your ears and go “LALALALALA” about this stuff for so long. I’m going to make a wild deductive leap and assume most of the commentators were men. And here’s the thing: Men don’t have to live in the constant fear of sexual harassment and abuse. To them it may be just a little “innocent”, “harmless” and “playful” little slap on the bottom. Bloody easy for you to say when it’s not something that constantly happens to you.

And you cannot keep hiding behind the “Doctor is an alien, he has no social skills!!11” excuse forever. Doctor is OVER 1000 YEARS OLD. He has spent a lot of time on earth. He may not always be aware of all the social norms and conventions, but that does not make it okay or in-character to make him a freaking sexist woman-harassing creep. The Doctor may sometimes lack human social skills, but guess what he has plenty of? HUMAN EMPATHY AND KINDNESS. Or at least he used to.

Apparently we are now supposed to accept the fact that the Doctor is a childish, socially inept, completely un-empathetic sexist creep who likes forcing his over-eager sexual desires on women who are not in a position to defend themselves or stop the situation (see also kiss with Jenny). But hey, he’s just *~ACKNOWLEDING THAT THE LADY HAS A BOTTOM~* Yeah sorry, I forgot that the fact that a woman has an ass means that a man is instantly entitled to touch it.

You people make me sick.

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