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Anonymous asked: So, have you heard? ISIS executed 1,500 Iraqi men the other day. How horny did that make you? Hmm, spilled men blood.

I tend to ignore asks like this, but I feel like I have to answer this in light of the rage my satirical ask answer about being visited by ‘The Misandry Fairy’. 

It frightens me that there are so many men that could not see the satire. At first I was confused, because, I mean, quite obviously I used the most ludicrous situation I could imagine. I wasn’t going for realism. 

But then it hit me. There are men out there with such burning misogyny inside them, that they honestly believe that we could hate them in the same irrational and vile way. They are frightened of the tables turning. 

Well, I am sorry to say that you have underestimated us. 

If you think I would be happy to see any man executed, then you are wrong. You are so worried about this liberation we feminists speak of ending up like some sort of reverse patriarchy, that you honestly cannot see that we want better than that. 

You can’t imagine better than that. It’s all you know. 

You’ve seen men abuse the power they have granted themselves for years and years and years, and now you can’t imagine women being granted equal, or perhaps even more power, without abusing it, without using it to the detriment and disadvantage of another gender. 

Feminism is not about hurting or hating men. Feminism is a movement that aims to end the privilege of men over women and non-binary genders. 

It does scare me that so many cannot see a difference between hating men, and hating a system that is rigged in the favour of men (in terms of gender, of course, other intersecting oppressions are very relevant), at the expense of everyone else. 

To the person who sent this ask, you frighten me. I am not afraid to say so. You frighten me because you are projecting. You imagine we could find the same pleasure in dead men that so many men do in dead and abused women. 

I will say it again: You underestimate us. 

You sicken me. 

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Anonymous asked: So you apparently hate men. Is this over on your secret, other blog or something?

It’s all very hush hush. 

I’m secretly involved in a scheme that involves sending the entirety of the male gender to the moon. All of them. Every last one. No exceptions. Even my brother has to go. Sorry Dan, I know you’re my favourite person and all, but you’ve inadvertently brought on my wrath with the pure audacity of  being male. My dad’s off too. And my grandfather. All of them. 

I’m just wicked to the core. A true evil of our times. 

I’m surprised I’ve managed to remain undetected for this long to be honest. 

But rest assured, one day Laverne Cox will preside over our democratic matriarchal society. The colour blue will be outlawed. We’re going to have to chemically alter the sky, but that’s fine. Without the men to support we’ll have the funds. 

If you’re interested in helping out with the whole ‘Send-Em- To- The- Big- Cheese-In-The- Sky’ scheme, then go outside next full moon dressed in baby pink from head to toe, spin around three times, click your heels together and whisper: “It’s all satire, none of it’s real, none of it, get it together for the love of God…”

We will be listening. 


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[Cersei] is clearly thinking that Jaime may be dead. The only person she ever truly loved besides her children may be lost to her forever.
George R.R. Martin, confirming that Cersei does, in fact, love Jaime. (via lannisterrrrrr)

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